The Ardyaloon Hatchery was established in 1988 as a research station in conjunction with the Department of Fisheries to address concerns over the sustainability of the Trochus niloticus fishery. The Ardyaloon trochus fishery has been in operation since the early 1900’s and is of strong cultural and economic significance to the Ardyaloon Community. The hatchery has been successful in restocking juvenile trochus to support community members commercially fishing for the species and for sale to the Australian aquarium industry. Other endemic fish, corals and crustaceans are kept at the hatchery for research purposes.

The Ardyaloon Hatchery employs local people and provides aquaculture and tourism training to school students and community members.

What Our Visitors Say


Highlight of my Cape Leveque trip. So much to see up close. Trocher Shells an excellent souvenir!

- Xavier Sly


Local indigenous community and local indigenous people managing thier local endeavour. Beautiful location well worth a visit. See turtles and local fishes up close.

- Johnny Beacon


Loved this place

- Lynette Cartwright


This hatchery grows more than Trochus shells! They have a beautiful array of soft and hard corals, anemones, clown fish, giant clams and baramundi. This locally run facility is simple, but impressive and the staff are informative and friendly! Well worth a visit ?

- Chantel Westley

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